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trading tools
trading tools

Traders can trade on IQ Option South Africa from different devices, such as computers and smartphones. The registration process is compulsory if you want to use the platform. You need to fill in your name and email during registration.

You can choose any tool including Forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices as well as shares. Is it precious metals, or is it oil or maybe even coffee, or if you are from the UK, maybe it is tea then? All of it is possible with the broker and with the good broker, everything can be profitable. It is stated on the IQ broker official website that they were housing nearly 26 million traders in 2017. Please note that this was nearly double the amount they serviced in 2016, implying that more than 13 million people decided that this broker was a good choice for them. The fact that IQ Option is impeccable with their service is why the broker has grown such a huge amount over the years.

Options (not available in EEA countries):

It’s simple; they have a good app, demo version, and low deposit. I would say that this it the main reason, but I’m sure that IQ Option have a mass marketing campaign and they are getting more and more traders. You are right that people think that they can make money easily, but that’s the same with all brokers, not just with IQ Option. I traded many times on a mobile platform and it’s just amazing, really good, I never had any problem with it. Perhaps it will be a bit of a stretch grasping the finer details, but I think that a smart newbie or an advanced trader should be able to grasp them quickly.

Binary options scams FCA – FCA

Binary options scams FCA.

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There is no difference in spread or execution from the standard real accounts. The broker has been operating in the market since 2013. This is very important, as, with the ever-increasing competition in the market, it is important to keep high standards and always focus on the development. IQ Option offers its investment products online to more than 150 countries.

IQ Option Deposits and Withdrawals

IQ Option also offers a potentially lucrative affiliate program with 137,000+ participants worldwide with generous payouts. Shane first starting working with The Tokenist in September of 2018 — and has happily stuck around ever since. I’ve already heard a lot about The Real Signals and have read almost everything from Stephen, but I haven’t tried it yet. Anyway I do like that they’re not sending you the signals all the time. I love the real signals too, haha 😉 I use them every day. I am a beginner and I’ve just signed up with IQ Option.

As required by the European Securities and Markets Authority , binary and digital options trading is only available to clients qualified as professional. However much experience a trader may have, nobody makes successful trades every time. There is more information on this and other types of risk management on our Risk Assessment page.

It also provides a limited number of tradable assets compared to most other brokers and charges high non-trading fees, including high withdrawal and inactivity fees. Both novice and experienced traders needing instant investment access should check IQ Option. IQ Option has rapidly become one of the most popular intuitive trading platforms all around the world. Before we start with IQ Option review, let’s check some of the details about the platform. Here, we are going to provide in-depth technical indicators and analysis of leading software, i.e., IQ Option trading platform. Founded in 2013, it is winning over the hearts of traders worldwide.


Sadly, we are not entitled to have to your account on social media. If you are looking for a good broker, I recommend checking out my review of tastyworks. But I really hope that this will help others understand the shadiness of IQ Option.

IQOption Broker Review 2023.

I want to ask you, do you have any tips on how to predict the results??? It is a pity that I lost all my money, but surely I am going to try it again. If you still will have some questions, feel free to ask me 😉 Wish you a nice day. I know there is a small charge to buy cryptocurrency, but as far as I know, there is no charge to sell it. Yes, regulated by CySEC, FCA and most of smaller country based regulators. Hi Taous, I personally do not do that, because I don’t live there.

Unless you are a professional client with extensive financial knowledge, the only security you can use to invest will be Contracts for Difference . Professional clients will have access to trading options on FOREX. It’s also possible to enable its 2-step authentication which offers an extra security layer as it requires users to confirm access to the broker on their phones. It’s possible to create a price alert directly on the chart and indicate levels to open trades. It also allows you to add analysis such as MACD, Bollinger or Mobile Media.

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IQ Option provides its customers with its own platform specifically designed to meet their trading needs. Registration will take no more than three minutes, you need to go to the site and fill out the registration form, IQ option also offers its customers to register using Facebook, Google. After entering your details and creating a password, you can continue. In this area, it will be important to have outside resources to support the trading activities you choose to undertake with IQ Option. This makes having reliable access to up-to-date news about trading trends, market fluctuations and economic issues essential.

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IQ Options has cared about the technical and visual side of the website. The cryptocurrencies are the stars of the investment operations at present, there are endless possibilities to invest in them. Binary options are a high risk investment instrument. It is the one used by most registered users in the investment portal. The platform is a total trend in the network thanks to popularize these financial instruments and make them available to everyone .

Best Trading Platform Ethiopia [April 2023] –

Best Trading Platform Ethiopia [April 2023].

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However, is been almost a MONTH, and every few days I checked with supporting team, they gave me the SAME answer. Hi, until now I haven’t had any single problem with IQ Option. After two weeks, I can say everything works as it should. Please can a temporary national I.d be used and how fast will withdrawals be made with credit cards,and I mean how fast to reach the actual account. Hello, thank you for sharing your experience, this is the review of the IQ Option broker, but never mind. Maybe someone will be interested in your AD post and will comment your comment.

Trading Conditions

Additionally, IQ Option charges an inactivity fee of 10 EUR per month after a period of 90 days of account dormancy. Overall, IQ Option’s trading fees are some of the lowest for a market maker in the industry. IQ Option provides little in the way of market research or educational materials, forcing traders to self-educate elsewhere.

The trading account will be set up immediately, and you are ready to try your hand at trading. You can also create a new account just with your email account, so you don’t need a facebook account, of course. The last item on our list of IQ Option pricing is the dormant account fee which will be charged after 90 days of inactivity. Those who put their account on hold will have a €10 fee deducted monthly from their balance. As the IQ Option platform is especially designed for novice investors, the broker has done everything to make trading easier. By joining the ever-growing IQ Option trading community, you’ll be able to scroll through their posts and learn tips and tricks, get in touch with other investors, and copy their strategies.

Compare IQ Option with other approved brokers

This means that the trader does not make any deposits. This is a platform that operates on the Internet with total security in its operations and transactions, both payment and collection. We have experienced in our team with the IQ Option web and we have operated in a normal, legal and safe way.

IF anyone is from IQ option, please try give me a non generic answer. No matter who you talk to at the support centre, who answers on fb, or even if you call them, i get the EXACT same scripted answer. I have done a withdrawl a week ago and its still in process on my account.

  • Those who put their account on hold will have a €10 fee deducted monthly from their balance.
  • IQ Option is a well-known online trading platform that allows users to trade in various financial instruments, such as stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, and options.
  • The company’s website also provides several short educational videos on how to use the platform, which can help in obtaining necessary knowledge.

As we’re sure you understand, the verification iq option broker review is made for the safety of an account and its funds. To your knowledge, the verification process is made for the safety of an account and its funds. This way our specialists can be sure that the earned funds will reach the account holder, not any other person.

  • I have to say that finding online educational resources was a blessing.
  • Logically, the breakeven point should be $54.3 (if XYZ’s price is below $54.3 after the chosen time frame, you lose and if it is above, you make money).
  • But times have changed and IQ option has changed with them.
  • Technical Indicators – Whether you’re trading forex, options, stocks, or any other instrument, you have access to a good range of technical indicators that can be plotted on your charts.
  • They always hide behind «review» to delay payments.

Some traders will miss index CFDs; these are very common in other platforms . Undoubtedly, IQ Option is only a valid option for those who wish to operate with derivatives, basically for traders. Its most attractive feature is probably that those who are interested and have financial professional profiles can operate with options as well as CFDs. To answer all these questions and any doubts, I’m sharing this detailed IQ Option review and sharing my insights on this trading platform.

But right from day one, the company has maintained a clear focus in each area – remaining productive and continuing to evolve to better meet the needs and goals of its end user base. IQ Option’s customer support team is available 24/7 to assist with any queries or issues that traders may encounter. The support team is known for being responsive and helpful, which is a positive aspect of the broker.

Similar to the computer or web-based platform you will get access to all markets and financial products. Nowadays mobile trading is very important because the markets are running 24/7 and you can check them with your mobile phone. IQ Option offers a wide range of trading assets, including stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, and options. This allows traders to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of different market opportunities.

Please stop acting like not knowing that you are ripping people off just like a casino. I don’t see the point in arguing with you as you are fully aware of the sketchiness of your ‘trading products’ and business. Binary options aren’t getting banned everywhere because people don’t know how to use technical indicators! They are getting banned because binary option brokers like you are ripping off unknowing people with your wannabe ‘investment vehicles’ aka. As per our review, it provides the mobile trading app for both Android and iOS users. The traders can download the IQ Option app for various devices like iPhones, iPad, and other Android devices.

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